Newsletter May 2021

6 keynotes, 20 workshops and 4 special sessions, 16 tracks with over 70 presentations, online collaboration platform and more – Welcome to the Futures Conference 2021!

This year’s Futures Conference is built on a versatile platform called Howspace. It is an Al-powered digital collaboration tool, easy to use, flexible and secure. You will find the programme, links to the various sessions, presentations of the keynote speakers, poster exhibition, workshop recordings, all on the same platform. Participants will get access to the platform a week before the conference and it stays open until 30 June.

The Conference will be live streamed from Turku. The city is located in the region of Southwest Finland and is one of Finland’s biggest cities. We hope you can visit us later – when it is possible again.

Conference session programme is published on the website

The preliminary schedule on sessions has been published on the conference website. We are currently communicating with all 100+ authors to finalise the forthcoming Book of Abstracts. All the abstracts will be available well in advance of the event. Preliminary session programme.

Meet our inspiring keynote, Mr. Olli-Pekka Heinonen

One of our keynotes, Mr. Olli-Pekka Heinonen is former Director General at the Finnish National Agency of Education. The International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) has appointed Mr. Heinonen as the next Director General starting from 1 May 2021. Read more about Mr. Heinonen.

Sneak peek at the Special Sessions

  • The future of learning, skills and work force in Finland until 2035
    This special session introduces the Finnish national foresight process concerning future needs for work force, needs for education and needs for skills.
  • Beyond Industry 4.0 Curriculum: Challenges of Multi-contextual Learning World
    This session discusses futures of learning and learning of futures in the European Industry 4.0 context and guides us to deeper learning of futures challenges.
  • Sources and risks of digital transformation
    This session deals with artificial intelligence, bio-economy and fourth industrial revolution as drivers of transformation, and what impacts they have on learning and education.
  • Teaching futures competences for educational actors in Finland
    This session presents three case studies on futures guidance in educational contexts in Finland, combining futures research approach and methods with student and career counselling.

Collaboration with two highly recognised scientific journals

We are pleased to collaborate with journals “On the Horizon (OTH)” and “European Journal of Futures Research (EJFR)”, which will be publishing the top research papers presented at the conference. Read more.

Conference side-event: Foresight Europe Network (FEN) annual meeting 2021

Learn about foresight activity in Europe, meet other foresight makers, and share your ideas for future foresight work. The Foresight Europe Network (FEN) Annual Meeting on 7 June is free and open to all. Read more.

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