Thank you for your contribution to the annual Futures Conference programme!

Please do your best to follow the guidelines in order to make the conference a rewarding one for all participants. There will be two calls for research papers for two international futures journals with regard to the conference. See details.

Call for Papers

Call for papers is closed. We thank you all who contributed.

As we move further into the 21st century, we need to renew our understanding of what it means to learn, teach, and develop new knowledge. Education systems and learning processes for people of all ages are needed to navigate uncertainty, address known problems, identify new ones, and be able to detect and make the sense of emergent issues and opportunities. The roles of education and learning are also becoming more essential in solving the pressing global ecological, cultural, societal and economic challenges. One pathway for renewal is the development of futures learning at all levels of education and in wider society. 

The forthcoming Futures Conference 2020 will focus on questions such as: How can the field of Futures Studies contribute to rethinking learning? How do we teach and learn about futures? What are the images of the future that shape current conceptions of the systems that generate and diffuse knowledge? What are the images of the future that inspire a reimagining of the attributes, role and functioning of learning? What are the new motivations, means and approaches to learning? What kinds of learning settings could there be in the future and what infrastructures and resources will be required? Which way are education policies changing in the future? What human capacities will be needed to enable sustainable futures on the limited boundaries of our planet?

We welcome you to share your findings, ideas, results and thoughts on (but not limited to) these key topics:

  1. Rethinking learning in societal transformations
  2. Futures research in learning and education
  3. Futures literacy and anticipation
  4. Critical and emancipatory education: theoretical and empirical research on learning
  5. Futures education and learning: pedagogy, skills and competences, forms of learning
  6. Digitalisation of learning environments
  7. Learning as a systemic capability: learning regions and innovation systems
  8. Nature and environment in education: addressing sustainability and ecological pressures
  9. Equality of education
  10. Biographical learning, peer-to-peer learning, and the narratives of the future

The ‘Learning Futures’ conference will create a cross-disciplinary platform where participants can meet, share, and discuss new ideas concerning futures and learning. The conference program will consist of keynote lectures, parallel sessions, participatory workshops and chaired poster session. The conference will aim to generate multidisciplinary, stimulating and critical discussions that promote networking between people interested in futures issues from different backgrounds.

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission starts: October 2019
  • Deadline for the abstracts: 31 December 2019
  • Notification of acceptance: 30 January 2020

Conference organisers

‘Learning Futures – Futures of Learning’ is the 21st International Futures Conference of the Finland Futures Research Centre and Finland Futures Academy of the University of Turku. It is organised in association with the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI).