The Virtual Conference Platform

This year’s conference is built on a versatile platform called Howspace. It is an Al-powered digital collaboration tool. We have chosen Howspace because of its ease of use, flexibility, and security. The social media like environment makes it easy and engaging for attendees to work and reflect together. The platform offers you multiple networking possibilities: you can chat with other attendees in different chat rooms, send one-to-one chats messages, or meet in digital coffee rooms.

You will find the program, links to the various sessions, presentations of the keynote speakers and poster exhibition, all on the Howspace platform. The platform works both on desktop and mobile. You’ll get access to the platform a week before the conference and it stays open until 30 June.

You can follow the programme as a live stream from the platform in the programme room. The parallel sessions take place in ZOOM. Links to Zoom will be found on the Howspace platform. Technical instructions for Zoom will be added shortly.

We recommend that you install separate Zoom software on your computer/device. The individually installed Zoom software provides more functionality for managing and using the meeting. The vulnerabilities and problems that have appeared in media in Public Zoom have not affected the service used at the UTU that is different from the publicly available Zoom service.

We promise you a great, engaging, and relevant event experience online. Register for the conference and get the unique opportunity to build a valuable network, learn and benefit from the event attandees’ knowledge and experience, and share yours. 

> Conference will be live streamed from Turku

General Technical Instructions for Participants:
– Functional Internet connection is essential in virtual events!
– We recommend that you close all other applications on your computer to make sure the full capacity of your Internet connection is available.
– Browser: the latest version of Chrome is recommended for the best experience.
– Sound: Headphones are the best way to participate in virtual events. If you participate in a conversation, preferably use headphones with their own microphone.