UNESCO High-Level Futures Literacy Summit
Overcoming ‘Poverty of the Imagination’

8–12 December 2020, online & UNESCO HQ, Paris

At this Summit, UNESCO member states and government representatives, international and not-for-profit organizations, as well as the private sector will express their commitment to the development and diffusion of Futures Literacy as an essential competency for the realization of humanity’s aspirations in the 21st Century. 

The Summit will consist of three different strands: high-level plenary sessions, Futures Literacy Agora and Global Futures Literacy Network side-events online and open to the public.

Join the event and meet us at the Futures Literacy Agora. The Agora is consisting of more than fifty booths and showcases the activities that engage with human anticipatory systems and practices.

More information and registration will be available at: https://events.unesco.org/event?id=255234025&lang=1033